for Florida Gov'nah

Never, ever underestimate an immigrant with ambition.

Let's just all move to Florida

No Merchant Cash Advances

We have over 16 BILLION dollars of interest rate receivables.

We need to realign incentives to trade, not borrow.

0% Crypto Tax

We've already cut state taxes; let's do the same for crypto.

Free Calm Subscriptions

Mental health is health, and everyone deserves it.

Global Center for Remote and Sustainability

Collaborative work environments are crucial for creating long-lasting change.

Let's make Florida the global center for all remote and sustainable work by realigning our perks to attract forward-thinking talent.

Free Accelerator Vouchers

We'll give each person a free voucher to attend any accelerator in Florida.

$3,000 in BTC for Every New Child Born in FL

If we want Florida to remain known for it's amusement parks then we need to make sure every child is exposed to new forms of innovative currency from infancy.